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'Elsewhere' is a return to a more abstract, ambient, chilled-out, laid-back, space lounge sound. My earlier 'Departure Lounge' (www.nofi.org/discography/2009-departure-lounge/) was a collection of electronic, dark dub and minimal techno listening music that grew out of live performances at the time. Those tracks captured the spontaneity and immediacy of my on-the-fly process for composing, recording and performing.

For 'Elsewhere', I wanted to build on that process with a more intentional approach to making music. I took more time to compose, arrange, mix-down and master each track. While it still incorporates live performance, generative and probabilistic elements, the album became a more consistent, coherent and spacious work as a result. All tracks but one were posted as works-in-progress and incorporate feedback from listeners.

My approach is to create systems for making music. In terms of style and tone, I hope 'Elsewhere' can find a place in playlists alongside works by Monolake, Biosphere, Four Tet and The Field.

Find exclusive insights, bonus tracks, works-in-progress and mixes at www.nofi.org

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released March 4, 2010

Composed and produced by Jeffrey Melton, aka Nofi.




nofi Indiana

I compose, produce and perform music under the name nofi, melton, and the silent stars: A mix of ambient, drone, freeform, granular & microsound; chill-out and lounge; generative dub and minimal techno.

I define nofi as a state of being-without-boundaries (i.e. boundless, stateless). According to Google, ‘nofi’ also translates to ‘swimming’ in Welsh and ‘satisfactory’ in Indonesian.
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